You do not have to homeschool alone! A co-op is a great opportunity for homeschooling families to get together with other homeschooling families in their area. There are different types of co-ops; some offer just meet ups and field trips, while others offer weekly classes. Each co-op is different but they all have one thing in common: families use them to help the socialization component with homeschooling.

Low Country:

Fun-Schooling in the SC Lowcountry

Low Country Gifted Minds is located in Mount Pleasant and offers STEM focus classes.

Lowcountry Language Academy is a co-op that meets in Mount Pleasant that offers Spanish classes to preschoolers through adults.

Dorchester County Homeschool Co-op

Outdoor Homeschool ChasSC is a forest inspired homeschool co-op.

Tuesday School Co-OP
4th grade through 12th grade. Accepting applications in fall. Free. Meets Tuesday in Charleston. Cover math, history, art, and science. Contact Nikki Coley

The Village Co-Op
We are just a group, working together as a village, to educate our children and stimulate their minds.


HERO is a secular homeschool group, that provides field trips, co-op with virtual and in-person classes, park play days, events, clubs, and state park hiking days. Located in Irmo

Explore Academy Homeschool Hangouts Co-Op offers low cost classes for kindergarten students to fifth grade. For more information:

School of the Minds is an inclusive co-op located in Irmo. They offer Team Competitions, Project Fairs, Free Range Park Days, local and overnight Field Trips for all ages.

Country Kids Schoolhouse is a homeschool group in Newberry SC. They offer classes for 1st grade and up. CKS teachers use a variety of styles ranging from Montessori, Classical, and Unschooling in every class. Classes are hands on and interactive!

Secular Homeschoolers of York, SC This is a group for the secular homeschool families in the York, SC area. We will plan events/meet ups in the area and in the future possibly transition into more of a co-op style group.

K.I.N.D Co-op A Secular Homeschool group focused on growing childhood friendships and encouraging parents that they are their child’s BEST teachers

Mission Possible Co-Op Aiken  is a Inclusive Homeschool Co-Op for Aiken, SC and surrounding areas. We are an inclusive group, all are welcome! Founded by Homeschooling moms looking for a right fit, safe environment and like minded families. We are involved in the community, field trips, meets, discussions, and more. Come join us to see what we are all about and grow with us. Let’s Make The Mission Possible Together!


Ignite Learning Center is located in Greer and offers co-op classes that focus on STEAM.

Phoenix Arts Homeschool Co-op is an inclusive co-op that meets in Spartanburg area. They offers classes k-12th.

Faith Montessori Co-Op offers two or 3 days a week, drop off, and non-religious.

Learn Bravely Inclusive Cooperative is focused in the philosophies of child-led and project-based learning.

Blended Learning Academy- We employ self-guided education, holistic education, and nature-based learning to ensure a healthy and happy learning environment.

Oconee Education Group- We are a free homeschooling Co-Op in the Oconee County area. While we classify ourselves as secular, our approach is more neutral to everything except science.

Spartanburg Secular Homeschoolers Coop– This co-op was born out of a need for a reliable community of like-minded families in the Spartanburg, SC area. It is a secular (non-religious), LGBTQ+ inclusive, anti-racist, anti-ableism and pro-science homeschool co-op. This co-op is a welcoming, safe, supportive, respectful, and inclusive place for homeschoolers of all backgrounds. We will strive to see and honor each other’s differences and take the time to learn the world outside of our own. We believe in the importance of open and honest communication. This is a no drama group focused on kindness. In order to be a member, it is important that you authentically share and respect these values so that we can build a long-term, intentional community for our homeschooling families that focuses on our children’s educational, social and emotional growth.

Pee Dee:

Horry/Georgetown County Teens Homeschool Co-op
A place for homeschooled teens to learn, socialize and have fun. We will be offering basic life skills classes and fun get togethers

Wonder Homeschool Center
A place for bright, curious kids to discover the world
A progressive alternative to traditional school for bright, curious kids who wonder.
No homework. No tests. No grades.
Just Wonder.

Untamed: Horry County Natureschoolers Untamed is a secular, nature-based homeschool co-op in Horry County, SC. We accept members at the beginning of each semester (August and January.)

Carolina Kids Co-Op a place for everyone who wants something different than the options offered for elementary education. A serious academic AND play-based school community where kids can be their unique selves. Serving kids ages 4-11

Statewide/Multiple Campus Options:

SCSH Teen Co-op:
To sign up for this virtual Co-op, send and email to
-Civics, Weds, 1-2pm, starts 1/20
-Coding, Thurs 1-2pm, starts 1/21
-Book Club, Thurs 2-3pm, starts 1/21